"We're giving Lechon the Respect that it Deserves!"



Welcome to Jun & Jun's
Cebu Lechon Plaza!

It should be emphasized at the start, that the owners of Jun and Jun's Cebu Lechon maintain the belief that Lechon is one of, if not, the most expensive Filipino dish in the country.  Hardly can one find a party without a lechon as a centerpiece of its food offering.  In fact, without it, a party is short of being grand. As such, we strongly maintain that a lechon should be prepared, presented and served with the treatment that it deserves. In addition, we have found out that among all the lechon preparations known to man, that the Cebuano version thus far holds the most thorough, and most scientific protocol of preparation designed to satisfy the broadest section of the Filipino taste.  The differentiation of Cebu Lechon from all other native preparation starts least from its name but more from the whole gamut of carefully crafted and cherished Cebuano tradition: ranging from the 1. Choice of raw materials, 2. the Bloodletting, 3. Butchering, 4. Basting, and, 5. Finally the Broiling.  But in Jun and Jun's, we further perfected the art by incorporating the secret procedure of the Batanguenos from Balayan in perfecting the appearance of the lechon skin. [continue reading]